Ahhhhh the veil… a classic wedding piece that can evoke so much elegance, grace, romance… and frustration when it flies off your head in the wind! After photographing so many weddings, I’ve seen it all, so I wanted to share a few of my tips with you about WHEN you should wear your veil on the big day. 

Read that again, you don’t HAVE to wear your veil all day long. In fact, I advise that you only wear it during key points (both for the sake of your sanity AND for the sake of beautiful portraits). 

Monument Circle wedding, couple with veil and without

So here it is in a nutshell, I advise that you wear your veil at the ceremony and for portraits immediately following, but NOT at the first look and pre-ceremony portraits. Here’s why:

  1. At your first look, your groom is going to be SO excited to see you! He’s going to drink you in and hug you tight, and right as you’re trying to enjoy this moment… his hug is going to yank on your veil! I don’t know about you, but that would ruin the moment for me, so let’s avoid it by not wearing the veil at the first look!
  2. It saves a little surprise for the groom after the first look! Sure, he’s seen you in your beautiful gown with your jewelry and makeup and gotten to take all of you in, but that moment when you walk down will still be epic, and the veil adds just a little something to punctuate that!
  3. It gives us a new creative element to shoot in the post-ceremony portraits! Trust me, everyone is a big fan of those photos with the veil flying in the wind or creating an intimate moment between just the two of you on this momentous day. 
  4. By not wearing the veil prior to the ceremony, you can ensure that it won’t become wrinkled or damaged prior to the ceremony, keeping you picture perfect all day long!
  5. Veils look more beautiful in the evening! They physically photograph better in sunset light, mid-day light can cause them to look washed out or too bright.
  6. This gets back to a few things I’ve already said, but by wearing your veil during certain parts of your day, you’ll get TWO different bridal “looks”! Check out all this variety!
Monument Circle wedding, couple with veil and without

Now let’s be real, some of these tips are more for my benefit as a photographer than they are for your experience as a bride, BUT just considering some of these things can ensure that you have a variety of beautiful portraits of you and your soon-to-be-hubby from the wedding day! That being said, this is not a make or break issue! If you are just as in love with your veil as you are with your groom, WEAR IT GIRL. WEAR IT ALL DAY. Either way, it’s going to be perfect(: