Laurel Hall Solarium set with greenery and beautiful head table with colorful floral centerpiece

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Top 7 best wedding venues in Indy for 2020

January 7, 2020

What makes a good wedding venue?

One of the biggest influences on whether you have beautiful wedding portraits is having a beautiful wedding venue, so I’ve put together my list of the top 7 best wedding venues in Indy for 2020! In order for a venue to make THIS list, there are a few things that have to be true:

  1. It has to be BEAUTIFUL!
  2. The people have to be GREAT!
  3. It must be located in Indianapolis or somewhere in the general Central Indiana area (there are a FEW exceptions to this)

Let’s get started!

Laurel Hall

Beautiful wedding venue: Wedding couple kissing at Laurel Hall, a light, bright, airy, and colorful wedding venue

Laurel Hall SCREAMS Beauty and the Beast and is my absolute FAVORITE venue, which is why it’s at the top of this list. When I get married one day, this WILL be my venue and I *WILL* be a Disney Princess!

  • Style: Elegant, bright, airy, classic, royal
    • Outdoor AND indoor options
  • Location: Midtown/East side Indianapolis, IN
  • Surrounding portrait options: Laurel Hall’s grounds are BEAUTIFUL! From the castle-like building as a backdrop to the gorgeous solarium to the greenery and small path, the options at this location are ENDLESS!


Beautiful wedding venue: 1899 wedding venue, outdoor ceremony, bricks and ivy

If you’re not feeling a country club wedding, then 1899 is another amazing all-in-one venue that allows you to both have your cake and eat it too! From an outdoor ceremony to an indoor reception, everywhere you look is sure to be picturesque. The high ceilings inside lead to a feeling of grandiose and the character of the building is anything but bland!

  • Style: Industrial, classic, nostalgic, urban decay
    • Outdoor AND indoor options
  • Location: Midtown/East side Indianapolis, IN
  • Surrounding portrait options: The grounds are full of industrial and contrasting photo backgrounds. The contrast between old brick and beautiful lush green ivy growing up the old buildings leads to a feeling of nostalgia in your wedding photos!

White Willow Farms

Beautiful wedding venue: White Willow Farms venue highlights including the barn/farmhouse, rustic industrial chandelier, flower field, and open fields

If your heart is set on a barn for your wedding, but you ALSO love light & airy photos, then White Willow Farms is the place for you! Now this isn’t just any old barn, they’ve got tons of glamorous touches on site, like the chandelier in the photo above. Not pictured is their new outdoor ceremony space lined with pews overlooking a beautiful field. Seriously. It doesn’t get any more scenic!

  • Style: Rustic, farmhouse, barn, chic, glamour
    • Outdoor AND indoor options
  • Location: Arcadia, IN
  • Surrounding portrait options: From the flower farm in the front, to the rolling fields in the back, to the majestic barn itself, this venue is FULL of portrait opportunities that would make any rustic bride SQUEAL in excitement!

Sycamore at Mallow Run

Beautiful wedding venue: Sycamore at Mallow Run Winery Wedding in Bargersville, IN

I’m convinced that the Sycamore at Mallow Run was designed with photography in mind. The bridal suite is divine, the men’s getting ready cabin is manly but light and airy, the vineyard itself is the perfect backdrop for a ceremony, and the indoor reception space, as you can see, is absolutely divine.

  • Style: Rustic, farmhouse, barn, chic, glamour
    • Outdoor AND indoor options
  • Location: Arcadia, IN
  • Surrounding portrait options: The vineyard, the arbor, and all the surrounding grounds are absolutely perfect for wedding portraits. So many opportunities for gorgeous, elegant portraits!

Hawthorns Golf & Country Club

Beautiful wedding venue: Hawthorns Golf & Country Club

The Hawthorns Golf & Country Club is an absolutely ideal wedding venue for those who want a classic, elegant wedding. The grounds are immaculate, the staff is friendly, and, of course, it’s BEAUTIFUL!

  • Style: Elegant, chic, classic
    • Outdoor AND indoor options
  • Location: Fishers, IN
  • Surrounding portrait options: Family formals are a breeze in the covered entry way which ensures that even if it’s raining, you can get outside for light, bright portraits. The walkway lined with columns provides the perfect opportunity for dramatic romantic photographs. And the beautifully landscaped golf course allows for plenty of photos that feel more garden-like. If you’re after a timeless look, you can’t go wrong here!

Balmoral House

Beautiful wedding venue: The Balmoral House

The Balmoral House has become one of my FAVORITE places to shoot. The venue is gorgeous, with every single space being perfectly crafted to suit your wedding day needs (and your photographer’s needs) on the wedding day. Plus, the venue coordinators at this place are AMAZING and work so hard to ensure that your day is absolutely stress free.

  • Style: Elegant, classic, golf course with character
    • Outdoor AND indoor options
  • Location: Fishers, IN
  • Surrounding portrait options: This property has so many amazing portrait spots. From the vintage bridge, pond, and on-site home to the nearby manicured golf course, you will have a wedding gallery full of a variety of beautiful portraits!


If none of the galleries or descriptions above convince you, check out some other AMAZING spots in the Indy area!

Indianapolis Arts Garden

  • Style: Light, bright, classic, and artsy!
    • Indoors
  • Location: Downtown Indianapolis, IN
  • Surrounding portrait options: Monument Circle, the State House, & other urban backdrops

Garfield Park & Conservatory

  • Style: Floral, natural, well-kept
    • Outdoor AND indoor options
  • Location: Southside Indianapolis, IN
  • Surrounding portrait options: None needed! The grounds of this venue are BEAUTIFUL and are the PERFECT backdrop for wedding portraits! Plenty of beautiful green spaces, flourishing flowers, and light, natural stone.

The Neidhammer

  • Style: Industrial
    • Indoors
  • Location: Downtown, Indianapolis, IN
  • Surrounding portrait options: The immediate vicinity doesn’t present many options, but given the opportunity to travel a bit further there would be plenty of park and urban options. If the timeline is tighter, no big deal! The exposed brick, floor to ceiling windows, and unique stage area are PERFECT for one-of-a-kind wedding portraits!

Iron & Ember Events

  • Style: Light Industrial, Elegant
    • Indoors
  • Location: Carmel, Indiana
  • Surrounding portrait options: This venue is located on a golf course so there are plenty of outdoor landscaped areas around that provide a stunning backdrop! Its general light & airy aesthetic is PERFECT for the couple who wants a bright & cheery feeling on their wedding day with industrial touches.

Biltwell Event Center

  • Style: Industrial
    • Indoors
  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Surrounding portrait options: The indoors and outdoors of this venue will allow you to showcase the brick & industrial feeling that you HAVE to love if you’ve chosen this gorgeous venue. To add a bit of variety to your photos, Riley Park is right across the street!

The Cyrus Place

  • Style: Vintage, historic, grand, cathedral
    • Indoors
  • Location: Downtown Indianapolis, IN
  • Surrounding portrait options: The Cyrus Place is an historic church converted to a wedding venue, featuring huge stained glass windows and beautiful, grand, red doors outside the building which are great for family formals and a few iconic couple portraits. Beyond the venue itself, the surrounding neighborhoods are absolutely gorgeous, with brick and cobblestone streets and historic homes all around. PLUS, the venue is only about 1.5 miles from Monument Circle in downtown Indy, so you can get some classic urban photos as well!

The Dunes

  • Style: Beach Wedding
    • Outdoor
  • Location: Chesterton, IN
  • Surrounding portrait options: In Indiana it’s hard to come by, but it IS POSSIBLE to have a beach wedding! The Indiana Dunes are absolutely gorgeous, providing not just sandy and water backdrops, but the ability to capture huge dunes with greenery abounding.

Newfields (Indianapolis Museum of Arts)

  • Style: Elegant, classic, dramatic, artsy, grand, royal
    • Indoor AND outdoor options
  • Location: Midtown Indianapolis, IN
  • Surrounding portrait options: The entire grounds of Newfields is like a playground for wedding photography. From the Lilly House, to the pond & water features, to the beautifully maintained landscapes, there is NO END to the beautiful spots to have your portraits taken at this amazing venue!

The Pavilion at Downtown Franklin

  • Style: Romantic, industrial, garden
    • Indoor AND outdoor options
  • Location: Franklin, Indiana
  • Surrounding portrait options: Can you say OPENING ROOF?!? This venue is a hidden gem in Franklin. Fairy lights with the roof open on a warm summer night is the definition of ROMANCE! The Pavilion is just a short walk from the heart of Downtown Franklin, with adorable boutique shops and a gorgeous courthouse building. PLUS, it’s not far at all from several parks to add in some variety.

Mustard Seed Gardens

  • Style: Historic, garden, rustic
    • Indoor AND outdoor options
  • Location: Noblesville, Indiana
  • Surrounding portrait options: This venue has absolutely everything you could possibly need, right on site.

Black Iris Estate

  • Style: Elegant, mansion, gardens
    • Indoor AND outdoor options
  • Location: Carmel, Indiana
  • Surrounding portrait options: HUBBA HUBBA! Have you seen this beautiful place? If not, you’re missing out!

Well there you have it!

The list of MY top 7 best wedding venues in Indy for 2020 (and a few bonus recommendations)! This list is a living document, so check back often to see my new favs! AND, once you’ve chosen your beautiful venue, make sure you read all about how to keep those photos beautiful with an unplugged ceremony!

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