Hot pink heels and hot pink and red bouquet

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Hot Pink Wedding Details in Nashville, TN!

February 9, 2020

A few weeks ago, I took a “little” road trip (ahem, 10 hours and 800 miles) to visit the White Dove Barn near Nashville, Tennessee! Fortunately, I had a great copilot in friend and fellow photographer Abigail Gowin. To be clear, we don’t normally travel this far to photograph a styled shoot , but when we saw the mood board we knew we HAD to go (hot pink wedding details!!!). I am thrilled to report back that it did not disappoint!

Hot pink wedding details including heels and hot pink and red bouquet

First and foremost, I want to give a shoutout to the AMAZING vendors of this shoot!

Bridal Portraits

light pink, blush, lavendar bouquet wedding details with pink custom drink

One of the things easiest to forget or to cut from a cramped timeline on a real wedding day is bridal portraits. But brides, you DESERVE to have a few stunning portraits of just you on this amazing day. After the hair and makeup trials, agonizing thought over what jewelry you should wear, the stressful process of buying a wedding dress, and the endless online shopping for just the right shoes, make sure that your photographer gives you at least 10 minutes of all-you time while all of these details are freshest. Brynley radiated all of the joy and beauty that any bride would on their wedding day <3

Outdoor Fireplace

yellow roses wedding outdoor fireplace barn venue light and airy

The florals at this shoot were IN-FREAKING-SANE! Although the hot pink wedding details were what drew me in, this yellow set up was my absolute favorite. The outdoor fireplace was gorgeous and behind it were just rolling fields waiting to be explored for some epic portraits on a real wedding day. Heather & Jessie were amazing models, they took all of our posing direction flawlessly [and made it better with their genuine connection and love].

Inside the Barn

white barn venue light and bright photos

Inside the gorgeous barn was Jazsymone and Curtis, a young couple who was SO MUCH FUN! They were seriously hilarious. We shared so many laughs over slightly risque prompts that got us some of the BEST joy-filled images of the day. Inside the barn is also where we got to see all the beautiful promised hot pink wedding details. I didn’t even think about it at the time, but this is GREAT inspiration for a valentine’s day wedding!

Live Painter

This was one of the most unique features of this shoot! I’ve never been to a shoot with a live painter before but it was SO. COOL. to see Lauren OBrien doing her thing in person! It definitely inspired me to want a live painter at my own wedding!

Bar Service

custom bar drink hot pink wedding details

Another unique feature of this shoot was the focus on the gorgeous bar! I loooooved that this bar service made a custom cocktail that fit with the theme of the day, both in aesthetics and flavor.

In Conclusion

This shoot was an amazing way to get my creative juices flowing again after being in hibernation this winter! I am so excited to continue cultivating gorgeous images like these on real wedding days in 2020!

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