Couple at holcomb gardens with purple flowers for engagement session

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3 tips on choosing the PERFECT engagement session location

March 9, 2020

Your engagement session is an ideal way for you to see how well you and your photographer will work together. They are also great for you and your soon-to-be spouse to practice perfecting your poses for your wedding day portraits. But where should you schedule your engagement session? You should ask your photographer for some insight on where they suggest, but you can also consider these tips to help you choose a location that has significance and meaning to you and your significant other. Here are 3 tips on choosing the PERFECT engagement session location!

Couple at biltwell for industrial engagement session

1. Choose a Place That Fits You as a Couple

Do you have a favorite coffee shop? Go there. Spend most of your evenings dueling it out over scrabble? Set up a session at home. The location of your engagement shoot should be one you two are comfortable in. You don’t have to go all out and glamorous if you both are more the laid back and casual. Nor do you have to search for an open field to shoot in if you’d rather shoot in front of a street mural. The location can be any place that will allow you two to act naturally and can have a story behind it. The only caveat here is to make sure you share your ideas with the wedding photographers you have consultations with! Make sure that they would be comfortable shooting in the location you’re considering!

engagement session on the canal at White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis

2. Take the Sun Into Consideration.

If you are choosing a location because of the sunset or sunrise you’ll have to schedule your session accordingly. You’ll also want to take into consideration the season as well where the sunset starts later or earlier. If you are shooting at multiple locations for your engagement session don’t forget to account for travel time.  If you’re going for a sunset or sunrise backdrop you may want to keep your locations closer together to give you more time. Honestly, your photographer will walk you through all of these items in detail, but it’s never bad to have an idea of what to expect!

Couple doing their engagement session in front of nice green background, mossy stone, and a castle in Indiana

3. Consider the Visuals and Background

Whether you are going for a rustic or urban look, brainstorm some locations that have interesting backgrounds. Find some interesting architecture or brick walls for an urban feel or fields and trails for a more urban and country feel. Try not to choose a location that has too much foot traffic since this can result in your images getting photo bombed by a passerby.

engagement session at holcomb gardens in the spring and also on white steps

Now that you know how to choose the perfect engagement session location, next up is getting ready for your session! I’ve got some awesome advice over here.

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