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7 ways to keep you and your family entertained at home!

March 16, 2020

Hey cool cats and kittens!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re at home, a little bored, and planning on being there for awhile. I want to commend you on doing your part to stop the spread of this devastating virus, so here are some things you can do to keep you and your family entertained!

For you (and your honey):

  • Start making your summer plans! Are you going to take a weekend get away? Go camping with friends? Get the girls together to go tubing (aka drinking while you float down a creek- the BEST!)? Find any and every reason to host BBQs?

    I plan to do ALL of these things, but I’ve also decided that this is the year that I will invest in a POOL! Not a ridiculously expensive one, but an above-ground 48″ deep POOL none the less. I’ve even got plans for a cute tiki bar!! I’ve spent HOURS in the last few days researching what type of pool would be best for our purposes and budget and how to make it look Pinterest-worthy.

Here’s just the START of my summer planning.

What kind of fun are you going to have this summer?

  • Have your own Cupcake Wars or Chopped competition with weird crap you already have in the pantry! (I’ve actually done this, check out this EMBARRASSING video of Kegan and I judging our DISGUSTING cupcakes at 2:30 in the morning back in 2015 or 2016)

  • Get organized. I know this one isn’t fun per-say, but it is preparing you to be able to have fun, both in the coming weeks and this summer. Has the basement or your junk room gotten out of hand? Is your junk room SUPPOSED to be your guest room? Do you have stacks of paper cluttering your desk in the office? Is your garage totally cray-cray with half projects? Again, I’m pulling from my real life right now- I need to get all of these things taken care of. When my family comes and visits this summer, they’ll want to sleep somewhere (I assume), so the current mountain of clothes sitting on the guest bed just won’t do.
  • Read a book! Even if you’re not a big reader, I’m sure you’ve got at least one on your list you’ve been meaning to read, or even listen to a podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to. There’s no better time than now to start self-improving!

For you and the whole family:

  • Build a fort– seriously, who doesn’t love this? You could actually do this with just you and your honey as well, but it’s certainly family friendly. Simply watching daily television in the fort makes it feel more entertaining and fun.
  • Break out the board games (bored games, haha, get it?)! Or any game- I’ve still got an original Wii that we love to play occasionally, I’m a total beast at Mario Kart.
  • Have your kids do a toy clean out! Once they’ve gone through all their toys and chosen at least a few to get rid of, have them help you disinfect and clean them up so that they are clean, germ free, and ready for donation! Goodwill might be slowing their intake of donations right now, but they’ll open them back up eventually. BONUS: You can pick a room to clean out yourself while they work on their toys!

Go forth and have fun!

I hope this inspires you to get some things done, have some fun, and just overall not lose your mind over the next few weeks. Stay safe, healthy, and at least 6 feet away from others in public.

OR maybe you’re a small business owner and need to use this time to get some things DONE! If that’s you, check out this post with 7 ways to turn your FREE time into PRODUCTIVE time!

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